FLEXims - the swiss-made acquisition and analysis system that meets all the needs of your company.*

*This complete solution, developed exclusively in Switzerland, records all types of data and makes them visible and usable in a variety of ways.

a flexible information management system

With machines and aggregates, with producers or consumers, everywhere analog or digital values are generated. FLEXims collects this data, transmits it to the servers and processes it for automated or manual analysis. The software is unique due to its inherent flexibility and the resulting variety of applications in industrial companies, service companies and also for private users. It is often only through the visualisation with FLEXims that connections are uncovered, behaviours can be explained and thus the need for optimisation can be identified.

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explained briefly in three steps

Data acquisition/transmission

The values are collected on site on an industrial PC and transmitted at regular intervals.

Data Recording/Aggregation

The databases store all raw data. These can be reaggregated at any time.


The meters are configured in the web portal and made "visible" by means of existing or individual applications.

the unmistakable strengths

FLEXims is a comprehensive tool with almost unlimited possibilities. The system has already proven its versatility and performance in many special applications. The voices of our customers and the projects implemented best describe the advantages.

In addition to its flexibility, FLEXims has a few particularly convincing strengths.

latest web technologies
Based on a mature content management system (CMS), FLEXims supports the latest web technologies and is constantly being further developed. New web technologies are implemented in the shortest time and the systems are updated. This ensures that the data can be retrieved at any time - even with the latest end devices.

Extensive user and rights management
Thanks to the CMS basis, FLEXims has a user management system that allows an almost unlimited number of users and groups with different rights. From the login for several projects to individual content, access rights can be assigned in detail to individual persons or groups.

FLEXims is configured according to the individual wishes of the customer and is then ready for use. There is no need for on-site IT specialists.

technical and visual customization
Since the system composition on site and the needs of the FLEXims user differ from case to case, the system is configured by specialist personnel. To meet individual customer requirements, we use FLEXims to program customized special solutions such as a live image matching the system or a PDF summary that can be sent automatically by e-mail.

usable everywhere
Whether new construction of an industrial hall or energy optimization for an older house - FLEXims can be integrated into any infrastructure. The best results and smooth processes are achieved when FLEXims specialists are already involved in the planning phase.

Fulfill Minergie thanks to FLEXims

In order to fulfill the "Minergie" standard, a visualization for the energy management is needed.
Our automatic energy data acquisition fulfills these requirements!

The web-based "ready-to-fly" tool, which is always individually configured and integrated into the complete system is integrated.

wherever measurement data is managed and visualized

Clean planning, clever implementation and careful post-processing are the hallmarks of our orders that have already been implemented. The installations usually involve third parties (end customers, tenants, investors, etc.). We always make sure that the implementation of customer requirements benefits everyone involved.

We are happy to show some projects for which our customers have given their consent for publication.

We thank the customers for their confidence in our product and our services.
The great feedback from the companies are huge!

The challenges are always different, the customers are always enthusiastic.

three people with one vision

Initiated by the enthusiasm for digital monitoring and evaluation systems of an electrical engineer, developed with many years of experience of a database specialist and programmer for web applications of all kinds and accompanied by an enthusiastic graphic designer, the web-based data handling and monitoring tool - FLEXims was developed.

The heads behind FLEXims

Roland Zwingli 

"Internet of Things is the future. It is a privilege to be a part of it."

Hardware – Consulting
Project Management
rolandtX1Gm3aUPPbWtPUflexims.ch  |  +41 79 128 61 26

Tobias Buschor

"Demanding customer wishes awaken the play instinct and promote motivation."

Software – Programming

tobiastX1Gm3aUPPbWtPUflexims.ch  |  +41 76 321 23 21

Lorenz Buschor

"When there are only winners in a project, work is fun."

Marketing – Consulting
Project Management

lorenztX1Gm3aUPPbWtPUflexims.ch  |  +41 79 356 25 99